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Surgery in Maine

Should where you live in Maine decide the treatment or surgery you get?

You may not think so, but often it does. For example, in some Maine communities, surgeons are far more likely to operate to remove a woman’s uterus (hysterectomy) for non-cancerous conditions than in other communities. This is true for other treatments and surgeries as well.

Quality is about doing the right thing, the right way, at the right time. Variation allows us to look at how well we are doing the right thing at the right time.

If you are thinking about having surgery we recommend that you:

Some surgeries are done more often than usual in some towns. Clicking on a surgery below will take you to charts showing those operations that vary a lot. If you are in a town listed in the chart we recommend strongly that you get a second opinion. We also recommend a second opinion whenever you have concern about your decision or your doctor’s recommendation. A second opinion may help you decide whether or not to have surgery. It may also help you feel better about your decision. Remember, your physicians should want to discuss your options with you.

Surgery Name Surgery Explained Communities Showing Most Variation
Spinal Fusion Surgically connecting bones in the lower back to treat chronic back pain Lewiston
Carotid Endarterectomy An operation to remove fatty deposits that could cause a stroke from a large blood vessel to the brain. Caribou-Van Buren
Presque Isle
Fort Kent
Fort Fairfield
Cervical Disc Surgery Removal by surgery of part of a disc or all of a disc to treat arm and neck pain Lewiston
Hysterectomies for non cancer conditions Removal of the uterus (womb) for non life threatening conditions Belfast
Caribou-Van Buren
Total Knee Replacement Replacement of a worn out knee with a metal and plastic artificial knee Greenville
Total Hip Replacement Replacement of a worn out hip with a metal and plastic artificial hip Greenville
Lumbar Disc Surgery without fusion Removal of part of a disc or cushion between vertebrae in the lower back to stop leg pain Augusta

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