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Maine Quality Forum - Your Guide to High Quality Health Care
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Welcome to the Maine Quality Forum Web Site

Maine Quality Forum

In 2003 the Governor and Maine Legislature created the Maine Quality Forum, as an independent division of Dirigo Health, to continue Maine's leadership in assuring high quality healthcare for its citizens.

The Maine Quality Forum's mission is to advocate for high quality healthcare and help each Maine citizen make informed healthcare choices.

The Maine Quality Forum Web Site

Our goal is to improve the quality of healthcare in Maine. This website is one step toward that goal. This website is unique because it provides healthcare information specific to Maine. This is the start of our efforts to provide useful information to Maine's citizens. Our hope is to provide you with the information you need to make good choices about your health and healthcare.

Please understand that measuring healthcare quality is complex. Some ways of measuring are more accepted (by experts) than others. When the Maine Quality Forum presents information (data) we use techniques from proven sources.

Dirigo Health The Real Facts

Affordable access to high quality health care for all Maine people.

We created Dirigo Health because all Maine people need reliable, quality health care they can afford. It is a set of reform initiatives with a goal of providing all Maine people with access to health care by 2009. But Dirigo Health is more than access to affordable health coverage. It is a comprehensive approach addressing all areas of our health care system. Dirigo Health contains costs, ensures high quality health care, and increases access for Maine's working people and families through Dirigo Health. Dirigo Health is a long-term solution that pays for itself.

Heart Failure and Readmission Summit-March 30, 2010

Josh Cutler, MD Introduction
Susan Schow, MHDO Presentation
Susan Schow Extra CTM Graphs
Deb Mattin/Josh Cutler Presentation
Josh Cutler Tying RX to DX Presentation
Charles Williams, MD, Project RED

Dirigo Health
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